FILIP-WG Wooden-stainless steel GSM scales

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Monitoring of hives and apiary station through the GSM network, security equipment for the apiary station:
Parts: LED display for displaying the weight, battery condition and connection to the mobile network. Ambient temperature sensor. Charging cable for the powerbank for charging the accumulator, inbuilt accumulator. Magnet for waking up, connector for connecting the powerbnak or solar cell for charging of inbuilt accumulator. The connector for connecting the sensor of the temperature in the cradle, magnetic contacts, and relay contacts. Chip SIM. Anti-slip surface. Manual, warranty card.

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  1. Beehive weight measurement up to 160 kg.Measurement recognition 100g.
  2. Outdoor temperature and humiditiy.
  3. Cradle temperature measuring.
  4. Indication of battery.

Alarm statuses

  1. Two limits with adjustable hysteresis for alarm status of exceeding the weight. For example, by stealing the hive, swarming or exceptional harvest.
  2. Exceeding of set temperature in the cradle with adjustable hysteresis. For example, decrease of temperature under the critical value.
  3. EXceeding of set ambient temperature with adjustable hysteresis.
  4. Battery discharge under 30% with adjustable hysteresis.
  5. Battery discharge under 30% with adjustable hysteresis.
  6. Vibration and tilt detection.
  7. Detection of apiary station object damaging. For example, for magnetic contact, motion sensor or photo-trap.
  8. Detection of fallen or stolen hives within the apiary station, for each hive individually.

Measurements displaying

  1. Displaying the weight and battery condition on the LED display. After putting the magnet to the scales.
  2. Weak signal display on the LED display. Alternatively,the display of the unidentified network of the mobileoperatoron the LED display. Automatic switching of the balance display to local with LED display in case the mobileoperator´s network is not found.
  3. Measuring from 1 minute up to once per 24 hours with the recognition of minutes. Measurements remain recorded also after battery discharge.
  4. Control and monitoring via SMS. Controlling from 5 telephone numbers. 8 times for setting regular daily SMS. Can be disabled.
  5. Monitoring via emails. Up to 5 emails. 8 times for setting regular daily emails. Can be disabled.
  6. Monitoring via internet – graph, history, alarms, events, settings. For mobile phone or computer, or tablet. Can be disabled.
  7. The scales can be used as local with measuring on LED display without the remote transfer (operation completely free of charge) or controlled and monitored only via SMS, or via internet and emails, or possibly the combination of all options.
  8. Setting of various times when the GSM modem must be active. It influences the energy consumption.

Securing the scales, apiary and all beehives

  1. Integrated vibration sensor. Reacts also on tilting the scales.
  2. Detection of fallen or stolen hives within the apiary station, for each hive individually.
  3. Detection of apiary station object damaging. For example, for magnetic contact, motion sensor or photo-trap.
  4. The output of switching relay for connecting the siren, light or for controlling various electronics at the apiary station.
  5. Calling on the phone by the alarm on two telephone numbers. By the detection of vibrations or turning on the magnetic contact, or the motion detector.


  1. - Cloud, WEB server. Access to data from the hive scale.
  2. 2,40 EUR monthly on the operation of the internet and 6 cents for 1 SMS. Možnosť odpojiť od GSM siete a používať lokálne zadarmo s LED displejom.
  3. Maintenance-free solution. Anti-slip surface, as well as anti-slip supporting legs.
  4. The life of the battery is one year, and it is rechargeable from the powerbank, adapter, or solar collector.
  5. Includes charging connector for the battery. Charging pin for the powerbank, 5V adapter or solar collector.
  6. Integrated Chip SIM.  Put the scales under the hive and it will work with your mobile. You do not have to adjust or set anything.
  7. Made of 15 mm thick anti-slip Finnish waterproof board resistant against the effects of the weather (temperature, rain, humidity, UV), rodents, thieves
  8. Option to export data.
  9. Automatic software updates in the scales, remotely, via internet, in the case of support of new functions. No physical intervention into the scales or the hive is necessary.
  10. Automatic synchronization of the time through GSM network or internet.
  11. Defining the texts of own orders in SMS and texts in SMS records.

Technical parameters

  1. The material of hive scales is waterproof anti-slip Finnish board (birch) 15 mm thick, and 2 stainless-steel profiles 450x15x20mm used as supporting legs of the scales.
  2. Charging voltage 5V/400mA. Connector and charging cable DC 2,5/ USB.
  3. Accumulator 3,7V/2600mAh.
  4. 7-segment red 4-digit display LED.
  5. Chip SIM, GSM/GPRS. NOW-OS, 640kBprogram memory, 260kBdata memory. WEB bootloader.
  6. Relay switches max. 24V/2A. The input switches on atGND, 2x thermistor 10kOhm, 4x50kg tensiometer.
  7. Anti-slip surface and anti-slip supporting legs.
  8. Isolation IP54. Electronics isolated by a polish a sealing material. Resistant against the humidity and the temperature form -20 doo +60 °C.
  9. Max. load 160kg.
  10. Accuracy of relative weighing by stable temperature 500g, measurement recognition 100g.
  11. Supporting legs adjust to the base and surface, which the hive scales stand on.
  12. Rozmery úľovej váhy 380x500x45 mm.

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