FILIP-PS Plastic scales with LED display

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Hive monitoring.
Parts: LED display for displaying the weight, battery condition. Charging cable for the powerbank and charging the accumulator, inbuilt accumulator. Magnet for waking up, connector for connecting the powerbank or solar cell for charging the inbuilt accumulator. Anti-slip surface. Manual, warranty card.
Dimensions 460x500x44mm.

30-dní garancie na vrátenie peňazí




For apiary types

  1. B10with thin walls
  2. B10isolated
  3. Czechoslovakian, integrated hive with 10 frames with thin walls
  4. Czechoslovakian, integrated hive with 11 frames, isolated
  5. Langstroth –tinned joint
  6. Langstroth –bolted joint
  7. By using of wooden pad for any hive.

Measurements displaying

  1. Beehive weight measurement up to 160 kg. The weight is displayed on LED display of the scales. Measurement recognition 100g.
  2. Resetting the weight - TARA.
  3. Displaying the growth or drop from the last measuring.
  4. Indication of battery condition on LED display


  1. Maintenance-free solution. Anti-slip surface and anti-slip supporting legs. The base surface does not have to be completely flat.
  2. The life of the battery is one year, and it is rechargeable from the powerbank, adapter, or solar collector.
  3. Includes charging connector for the battery. Charging pin for the powerbank, 5V adapter or solar collector.
  4. It is made of black ABS plastic resistant against the weather effects (temperature, rain, humidity, UV), rodents and thieves.
  5. Dimensions 460x500x44 mm.

Technical parameters

  1. Material of hive scales is black ABS plastic with UV stabilizer.
  2. Charging voltage 5V/400mA. Connector and charging cable DC 2,5/ USB.
  3. Accumulator 3,7V/2600mAh.
  4. 7-segment red 4-digit display LED.
  5. 4x50kg tensiometer.
  6. Anti-slip surface and anti-slip supporting legs.
  7. Isolation IP54. Electronics isolated by a polish a sealing material. Resistant against the humidity and the temperature form -20 doo +60 °C.
  8. Max. load 160kg.
  9. Accuracy of relative weighing by stable temperature 500g, measurement recognition 100g. 
  10. Supporting legs adjust to the base and surface, which the hive scales stand on.
  11. Dimensions of the hive scales 460x500x44 mm.

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