Independent electronics with display without a battery is designed to connect three external weighing platforms with strain gauges and temperature sensor for measuring the temperature in the hive bees and beehives remote monitoring via GSM network and security building apiary. View processed measurement values, events and alarms them through SMS, Email and Web interface. The power supply is an external battery recharging solar cells.

Monitors the weight of beehives, the temperature in the hive, outside temperature and humidity, battery status. The measured data displayed on the backlit display - Weight 1, Weight 2, weight 3, the temperature in the bee hive, outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity, battery status. LCD button to turn on the screen and is activated three minutes.

It provides a beehive detection and anti-shake apiary building entry security magnetic contact and connected siren.

Monitored are one to three beehives as a reference for the entire apiary.

Functionality description:


  • GSM bee hive monitor will automatically get connected to web server as a web client. It’s required to have the Internet activated on the SIM card as well as to authorize the usage of web on the GSM bee hive monitor.
  • After signing up and logging in on , the user can monitor the device and view archives of the hive data in the form of diagrams and charts. The archives can be exported.
  • The user can configure the device through SMS, ask for the current state of the hive or set parameters, and receive notices and alerts.
  • The device monitors the weight of the bee hives, temperature inside the hive, outside temperature and humidity and battery level.
  • In case of exceeding the default limits of weight (two default values), temperature, humidity and battery level; an alert is send trough SMS and WEB that notifies the user about the time and value of one of the measured quantities. The limits are exceeded when the measured values are either higher or lower than the default values.
  • The device detects when the beehives is moved or knocked over and secures the whole apiary with contact entry system and siren.
  • In case the security is broken, the sire activates for 30 seconds and an alert is send via SMS and WEB Interface, in addition to dialing the user’s cellphone number.
  • The data and exceeded limits are measured in set up intervals (e.g. every 2 hours) and are saved to local data storage. Excluding the time it takes to measure the data, the device is placed in sleep mode and Works on a minimum power state.
  • The GSM sends the collected data to the modem on a Web server in set up intervals (e.g. once a day).
  • Possible to set up 8 different intervals, which will be repeated every 24 hours and during which SMS updates about the current state of the hive will be sent by the device.
  • In case of exceeded limits of a specific quantity, the device sends an alert via SMS and WEB immediately.
  • Provided that the security is broken, the device instantly sends an alert via SMS, WEB and dials the user’s cellphone number; even if the device is in sleep mode.
  • 5 cellphone numbers are provided for operating the device. One for configuration, requests, SMS updates, notices and alerts. The other 4 are for configuration and requests. 2 of those numbers are dialed in case of an alarm.
  • If the battery level reaches 30% or less, the device sends an SMS, notifying about the low battery level.
  • In case the battery level drops to 10% or less, GSM modem will be temporarily out of order; however, the measuring will go on and the data will be saved to local data storage. If the battery level rises to 40%, the GSM modem will resume its activity. The measured values will not be lost.
  • Providing that the battery is completely discharged, the device is placed in sleep mode and resumes its activity only after the battery is replaced. This ensures that the battery is not completely destroyed by being discharged.


  • Set the most convenient date for honey extraction.
  • Make better use of the height of bee-foraging season (possible to set multiple dates for honey extraction during the height of the season, or a one-time expansion of space inside the hive to store more honey).
  • Make use of the foraging season to harvest monofloral honey.
  • Inspection of the current state and progress of the forage at the location of apiary (increase/decrease of glycide supplies of honeybees).
  • Information about the current weather conditions at the location of apiary.
  • Inspection and security of the apiary against theft, vandalism or damage caused by wild animals.
  • Due to live-monitoring of mobile stall, the user can objectively determine the convenience of the location and get more objective information when deciding whether to move the hives to more prosperous location.
  • Alerts about swarming of the weighted honeybees.
  • Inspection of stored glycide supplies before over-wintering the honeybees.
  • Restrained disturbing of wintering bees.
  • Saving of shipping expenses.
  • Increase of work efficiency and the time of the beekeeper’s time during season.

Technical parameters:

Supply voltage: 10 - 24V DC
Backup battery with a built-in charger: external 6V Pb /7Ah
Battery capacity: 5 months; depends on the amount of set up measurements per day and the activation of GSM module.
SIM card: standard
Communication interface: GSM; GPRS (HTTP); RS232
Protocol: Operchip
Integrated GSM module: M95
Integrated GSM antenna Dual-Band antenna
Real-Time Clock: RTC
Operating system Operchip NOW-OS v1.0
Program memory: 640kB, programmable via web
Number of supported cellphone numbers 5
WEB Interface:

2x digital, responds to attachment / detachment of GND potential.

2x analog thermistor, 12bit resolution.

3x analog bridge, 24bit resolution.


11x digital open collector type, connects GND potential.

1x relay. 30VDC 1A /125VAC 0,3A; max. 250VAC, 220DC, 2A; 62,5VA / 30W 

Sensors: 2x thermistor 10k; temperature, humidity SHT15; strain gauge
Working temperature: -20 … +55 °C
Storage temperature: -30 … +70 °C
Dielectric strength: EN 60669-2-1
Working position: horizontal
Covering: IP 65
Connection: Wago push-wire connectors with flexible wires.
Cross-section of connected cords: Max. 0,5mm2 wire + tube, bared part 7,6mm
Size: (l  x w x h) 160 x 90 x 90 mm