Development of GSM monitor of bee hives FILIP-05 is based on specific requests and practical needs of beekeepers. Its main purpose is the measuring, processing, saving and consequential transmission of currently measured data to the user through GSM connection (mobile telephone network) without the need to personally visit the place, or apiary, where this device is installed. FILIP-05 is designed for installation under so-called reference hives. The beekeeper then uses the measured data to improve the work and early assurance of essential work in the apiary. Simultaneously, the monitor secures the hive and apiary against intruders, with optional addition of a siren.


FILIP-05      250,- EUR


FILIP-05 and VILKO-02 has these properties:

  • Weight measuring– Measures the weight of bee hives. Accuracy of 100 g (3), resolution of 10g. Max weight 200kg (VILKO-02-S), 150 kg (VILKO-02-W). Works at temperatures from -25 to 40°C.
  • Temperature measuring – Accuracy of 0,5°C, resolution of 0,1°C. Ranges from -25 to 60°C (2).
  • Ambient temperature measuring– Accuracy of 0,3°C, resolution of 0,1°C. Ranges from -25 to 60°C (2).
  • Outside humidity measuring – Accuracy of 2%, resolution of 0,1%. Ranges from 0 to 100% (2).
  • Alarm control by relay – Automatically launches the alarm in case of detection on inputs. Launching possible through SMS.
  • Condition of alarms – sends SMS, emails and web notices, or calls a phone.
    • Two limits with adjustable hysteresis for alerting the state of exceeding the default weight limits. E.g.: in case of theft or extra yield.
    • Exceeding the default temperature inside the bee hive with adjustable hysteresis. E.g.: decrease in temperature below the critical point.
    • Exceeding the default ambient temperature with adjustable hysteresis.
    • Exceeding the default humidity with adjustable hysteresis.
    • Battery level below 30% with adjustable hysteresis.
    • Movement detection. Also active in sleep mode (1). Adjustable parameters.
    • Detection of tilting. Also active in sleep mode (1). Adjustable parameters.
    • Two inputs for securing the whole apiary. E.g.: inputs for magnetic contact, movement sensor, phototrap. Also active in sleep mode (1).
    • Detects the removal of the protective case that covers the electronics. Also active in sleep mode (1).
    • Monitoring of the apiary via phone in case of alarm caused by moving the hives, tilting, removal of the protective case or the contact entry system is broken.
  • Charging by solar panel. Possibility of external supply of 12V without a battery.
  • Periodical adjustable timer for measuring estimated in minutes; timer for starting the GSM module and 8 regular adjustable times for informative SMS repeated every day.
  • Service communication interface RS232.
  • Internal GSM antenna with a possibility of connecting an external antenna. Offering variants up to 9dBi gain. Functional in places with very poor GSM signal.
  • Automatic correction of weight measuring according to outside temperature ranging from -25°C to 40°C.
  • Operated through SMS, email and web browser on phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Data can be displayed in graphs or exported.
  • Monitors the weight of three bee hives using one electronic device. Inexpensive and convenient weighing scales without electronic device.
  • Automatic distance reprogramming via web interface in case of addition of new functions. No physical interference to weighing scale or bee hive needed.
  • 32kB internal memory for measured data. If WEB is activated, data is automatically sent to database on WEB and can be accessed through web browser.
  • Automatic synchronisation of time through GSM network and internet.
  • Text definition of one’s own SMS commands and texts in SMS.
  • Consumption 80mW when measuring, 200mW when GSM is activated and 1.8mW in sleep mode.
  • 6V / 4.5Ah lead-acid maintenance battery.
  • Water resistant
  • Supporting various international phone numbers.
  • Functional with all international mobile operators that use the GSM technology with SIM card.

(1) Sleep mode – a low power mode, a „paused„ state of the device. Consumption in sleep mode is 300 microamperes.


(3) VILKO-02-W - It may not be the bee hive to move when the weight.

Communication and settings is possible through SMS send to VILKO 02. Monitoring of the device is possible through received SMS, e-mails or Internet on the website. Basic parameters are set by SMS from any kind of cell phone.

All of the measured parameters, as well as alarm layouts are send to any type of cell phone through SMS and, in case of breaking the security, the cell phone number is called.

Transition of data to WEB server is possible by GSM data connection.

During activation of internet services, the user can monitor all the measurements, the current state, alarm messages and settings of the scale.

During the activation of e-mail, the user can through e-mail monitor regular information about the state and alarm layouts.

The accelerometer, which detects any type of movement (shift, collision) and informs the beekeeper about it, is a part of the scale. There is one input available (e.g. to connect the switch for opening the doors to the apiary with immediate SMS alert) no-potential output for bracing other devices (light, horn, phototrap, etc.) 
The scale can be charged by built-in accumulator, or by an external one. Charging of the accumulator is possible through solar panel.


  • Set the most convenient date for honey extraction.
  • Make better use of the height of bee-foraging season (possible to set multiple dates for honey extraction during the height of the season, or a one-time expansion of space inside the hive to store more honey).
  • Make use of the foraging season to harvest monofloral honey.
  • Inspection of the current state and progress of the forage at the location of apiary (increase/decrease of glycide supplies of honeybees).
  • Information about the current weather conditions at the location of apiary.
  • Inspection and security of the apiary against theft, vandalism or damage caused by wild animals.
  • Due to live-monitoring of mobile stall, the user can objectively determine the convenience of the location and get more objective information when deciding whether to move the hives to more prosperous location.
  • Alerts about swarming of the weighted honeybees.
  • Inspection of stored glycide supplies before over-wintering the honeybees.
  • Restrained disturbing of wintering bees.
  • Saving of shipping expenses.
  • Increase of work efficiency and the time of the beekeeper’s time during season.



Future functions will include:

  • Support of various temperature sensors for the measurement of temperature inside the hives. Especially in winter. ·Integration of rain sensor and sensor for the speed and direction of wind.
  • Analysis of intensity and frequency of the murmur of bees.
  • Extension of electronics for connecting up to 40 weighing scales via CAN bus. Each of the weighing scales will measure the weigh, temperature inside the hive and analysis of frequency of bees’ murmur.
  • Connection of camera with a movement sensor to secure the apiary, with the function to transfer the photos via MMS.
  • CO, CO2 sensor, light intensity and atmospheric pressure sensor.